Technology Services for Business


Businesses all over the world are realising and enjoying the adoption of Cloud-based solutions to achieve their business goals. The potential of this technology is varied and far reaching, enabling businesses to be more nimble, efficient and cost-competitive. Whether your need is to manage and maintain your website, email system, databases, business applications, backups and archiving, project management or collaboration with business partners, the Cloud can be leveraged with minimal upfront investment and commitment!

Deploying Cloud technologies will empower your business to respond to clients’ needs more quickly and efficiently, allowing them to get on with their business as and when they need to. Cloud-based solutions are highly flexible, scalable, available and secure, and use a ‘pay for what you use’ and ‘pay as you go’ consumption model. This concept not only provides optimum accessibility to infrastructure and solutions on demand, but also creates predictability to improve cost management. It represents a dramatic departure from the traditional capital budgeting process.

Etika Technology Services provides consultancy expertise to help your business realise the potential and benefits of Cloud Computing. We partner with leading enterprise class Cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, to offer Cloud architecture, migration and managed services, positioning your business to move swiftly and take advantage of business opportunities.


Network performance and reliability is the bane of any CTO or network administrator. Yet, this technology is critical in delivering services that support the communications needs of any structured business. Building a network infrastructure which is highly efficient and optimised requires a deep understanding of network communications and its associated challenges.

Etika Technology Services partners with global network solutions leaders such as Cisco Systems, and we are positioned to deliver enterprise class LAN and WAN solutions which are robust and dependable.

Unified Communications

As businesses grow, it becomes increasingly important to leverage technologies that facilitate improved, real-time communications with clients and within the business. Technologies such as IP telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing and real-time presence status, can all work together to increase efficiencies in communications and promote improved collaboration.

Working with world-class leaders in this field, Etika Technology Services has teamed with Cisco Networks, Microsoft, and others to offer a wide range of Unified Communications solutions to our clients. This includes on-premises and Cloud-based IP telecommunications, as well as collaboration and Call Centre platforms.


Business rely on telecommunication service providers to supply crucial voice and data carriage services. These services allow businesses to communicate with their clients and for them to expand their operations nationally and globally. This needs to be done in a secure and seamless manner.

By leveraging our extensive experience and partnerships with trusted service providers, Etika Technology Services will assess, design, deliver and manage a range of voice and data services, including secured internet platforms, private wide area networks (WAN), and SIP trunking for Voice over IP (VoIP) services.


Business processes and applications require stable and reliable systems to operate well. The foundation of all applications is the underlying operating system, which provides a range of critical computing services. Poorly designed or neglected systems can cause major impact to business operations when applications or infrastructure fail.

Whether your system is running on Microsoft Windows or Linux, and regardless of whether it runs on physical, virtual or Cloud-based infrastructure, Etika Technology Services can deliver a full range of services to ensure your business continues to operate when you need it to.


With the ever increasing reliance and adoption of technology, security has become a major concern for businesses of all sizes. In today’s world, a huge range of security threats are ever present, and can lead to cyber theft of sensitive data, service disruption and identity fraud. Businesses which are vulnerable to these risks not only could incur huge financial losses, but also suffer damage to the corporate reputation and brand of their business.

IT Security dictates that these threats are mitigated and addressed in all aspects of the operating environment – from networks, systems, applications and even in areas of employee access and use of assets.

Nowhere in an operating environment is cyber malice and crime more concerning than vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure. Etika Technology Services understands these concerns and offers the best of breed security practices across our entire range of services. We can tailor secure solutions to address your network, email system, website and endpoint security needs, always utilising the industry’s leading platforms and solutions from our trusted partners.


To remain on the competitive edge, businesses must continually evolve to increase efficiencies and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Businesses which utilise disparate systems and don’t have their operations and processes tightly integrated, will risk being left behind in the competitive landscape.

Etika Technology Services can provide consultancy and solutions with a range of programming skills, as well as develop customised, purpose-built integration and automation for your business needs.


Proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructure is critical to minimise the impact of catastrophic system failures on the operation of businesses. With appropriate monitoring and automation policies, minor issues can be pre-empted and corrective actions taken before any impending failure occurs.

By leveraging a range of monitoring and management tools, Etika Technology Services can provide the means to anticipate systems and network issues before they occur. These tools, which can be tailored by utilising our in-house development skills, can suit any specialised requirement, be managed remotely, and give our clients the peace of mind to focus on running their business.